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  • Does Mosquito Fog kill mosquitoes or just repel them?
    Mosquito Fog kills mosquitoes. It does not repel them. Spray Mosquito Fog directly onto mosquitoes whether they are flying or still.
  • Is Mosquito Fog safe to use indoors?
    Mosquito Fog can be used to kill mosquitoes inside or outside. When spraying over smooth flooring like wood or tile, be aware those surfaces can become slippery when wet. Simply wipe up any access that falls on counters, floors, or other hard surfaces.
  • Can I spray Mosquito Fog on people or pets?
    Mosquito Fog will not harm people or pets if the spray hits them. Since Mosquito Fog does not repel mosquitoes, the only reason to spray on yourself or others is if there is a mosquito on you.
  • Does Mosquito Fog kill mosquito larvae too?
    Mosquito Fog is designed to kill ADULT mosquitoes NOT LARVAE. The best way to kill mosquito larvae is to dump out whatever water they are living in. For places that are holding water where the water can not be removed, Mosquito Dunks are an effective, non-toxic way to kill mosquito larvae.
  • How large of an area will a can of Mosquito Fog cover?
    For best results spray Mosquito Fog only in areas where mosquitoes are flying or hiding. A can of Mosquito Fog will spray continuously for about one and a half minutes. For typical areas such as patios, seating areas, or planting beds, one can can cover an area roughly 30 by 35 feet.
  • Is it safe to spray in or around the pool?
    Mosquito Fog is perfectly safe to use around the pool or spa. The formula is not harmful on your skin and won't hurt if it gets in the water. Right next to the pool or hot tub is the perfect place to keep a can of Mosquito Fog. If a mosquito pesters you, just spray her dead.
  • Will Mosquito Fog kill other bugs like flies or wasps?
    Mosquito Fog was especially developed for mosquitoes' sensitive systems. We do not advise spraying on wasps as a much greater amount of the spray would need to contact the wasp to kill it.
  • How long does it last?
    Mosquito Fog kills by contact and doesn't last any longer than that. Mosquitoes that fly or land where you've sprayed will not be effected - the mist has to hit them. The death that happens to the mosquito that you hit lasts a very long time.
  • Where do you spray it?
    The best places to spray Mosquito Fog is wherever you see mosquitoes or where they're hiding. Places mosquitoes like to hide include: Planting beds Areas with mulch Places that are moist such as around pool equipment Entries to the home, especially that are covered Shoes - yes shoes! Mosquitoes are actually attracted to the smell of feet and so if you have shoes by your back door, you might find mosquitoes hanging out around there.
  • How far does Mosquito Fog spray?
    Mosquito Fog sprays a 2 to 3 foot diameter spray about 4 feet from the can. How far it sprays depends on the wind, so if it's really windy the spray may not go as far.
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